Quarq Qollector

Stay connected, track your progress


Quarq Qollector is the perfect tool for endurance athletes who want to seamlessly sync their data, share real-time tracking with friends and family, and connect with fellow riders on the road or trail every day of the year.

Qollector captures high-definition GPS and ANT+™ data such as power, heart rate, gear selection, footpod stride rate, altitude, location and speed. It’s transmitted over cell networks in real-time. The companion web platform, QuarqNet, saves the data and delivers live tracking and metrics to smartphones, tablets and computers. A Friends feature shows you who’s training right now. And QuarqNet seamlessly syncs your activities with analysis sites Strava, TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan.

Impact resistant and waterproof, Qollector has a 24-hour battery life – saving your phone for real emergencies. It can be mounted on the frame or seatpost. There is a dedicated race belt. It works in jersey and short pockets, triathlon suits and backpacks too. Qollector weighs just 114 grams.


Features & Benefits

  • High-definition ANT+™ data
  • GPS, GLONASS and the WAAS navigation aid. (Up to 3-meter accuracy.)
  • 3G cellular connectivity with global roaming
  • One-button operation
  • Simple LED display
  • Proximity pairing
  • Impact resistant, waterproof and 24-hour battery life
  • No need for USB cables, file transfers or a cell phone


Qollector and QuarqNet seamlessly sync your activities with Dropbox and analysis sites Strava®, TrainingPeaks® and Today’s Plan. You can quickly and easily annotate your training sessions with notes on how you felt.

Live tracking on the secure, mobile-friendly website lets you share real-time progress with family, friends and coaches.

With the Friends feature, you can find, follow and connect with friends on the road or trail. 

Syncing, tracking and annotations.

Quarq Race Intelligence

Quarq Race Intelligence combines Qollector and the QuarqRace web platform to deliver enhanced tracking for races and events.

It offers an unrivaled, real-time viewing experience including a course map, dynamic leaderboard, and insights into decision-making with precise time gaps and finish time predictions.

Qollector owners can opt into Quarq Race Intelligence races, including well known full- and half-distance North American triathlons, select gravel bike races, granfondos and MTB endurance events.

Learn more about Quarq Race Intelligence.

Mounting Options

On the bike: Qollector can be mounted on the frame or seatpost using a purpose-built, rubberized bike mount. The mount works on Di2 battery mounts and the top tube mounts on modern triathlon bikes. A companion aero wedge ensures a snug fit on aerodynamic tubes. Add a seat rail clamp for under-the-saddle mounting.

On the body: There is a 1” elastic race belt with an adjustable buckle for riding and running. It includes gel holders and race number attachments. Qollector is durable and waterproof, so it can be held in a cyclists’ jersey or shorts, inside a triathlon race suit or in a backpack.

Qollector's dimensions are 99mm x 55mm x 22mm and it weighs 114 grams.

Qollector road mounts collage.

Race belt, bike boot and Di2 battery mount.

Pricing & Availability

Qollector is initially available to US residents through the Quarq website. The retail price is $349 (US) and the first six months’ cellular service is free. After six months, cellular service is $99 (US) per year. Qollector must use its own stand-alone cellular plan.

Qollector uses AT&T 3G technology and includes international roaming at no extra cost. International roaming is being finalized and will become available in November 2016. International roaming is restricted to AT&T international roaming partners. See the AT&T website for a full list.

Qollector will be available outside the USA in 2017. Once avalible, it will be certified for sale and use in these countries.

Technical Specifications - Qollector

Live Cellular Connection

Data is uploaded every minute where cellular service exists, otherwise data is stored for transmission when service returns.

Qollector is fixed to the AT&T mobile telecommunications network. It uses 3G technology and international roaming for worldwide use.

The cellular plan cannot be bundled with other devices.


Qollector uses the GPS and GLONASS constellations and the WAAS navigation aid. It delivers 3 meter accuracy in ideal conditions. Qollector is effective for road, triathlon, MTB and adventure. Satellite acquisition time is the same as a typical GPS cycling computer.

Altitude and Temperature

Qollector features a barometric altimetry sensor and internal temperature recording.

ANT+ High Definition Data

Data is captured four times-a-second, which is the ANT+ standard. This is in contrast to many cycling computers, which discard messages to reduce the sampling rate to once per second.

The ANT+ Bike Power profile currently specifies a maximum of four messages per second. Quarq power meters transmit a new message every crank revolution. e.g. They transmit two messages-a-second when you are pedaling at 120rpm.

High definition data does not mean high-speed data. It means every unique ANT+ message is captured and when you review the data no message from any of your sensors is missing. When the ANT+ Bike Power profile grows to include high-speed data Qollector is ready.

Qollector does not feature Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy technology. We recognize many people will use Qollector as a second receiver and ANT+ has one-to-many communication.

File Format

Qollector stores raw ANT+ messages, GPS messages and environmental data in a custom file format called FUZE. FUZE is based on the Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer (FIT) file structure.

FUZE files are uploaded to QuarqNet at 1-minute intervals using the cellular connection. Data from FUZE files is amassed and organized on QuarqNet. Every FUZE file is retained.

Then FUZE files are converted to a standard FIT file. FIT file start and end points are captured each time the Qollector is turned on and off. The FIT file features 1/128 second (8 millisecond) resolution. A second FIT file with 1-second resolution is synced with third-party analysis tools Strava, Today's Plan and TrainingPeaks. This delivers the best data for each platform.

Proximity Pairing

To pair Qollector with a sensor, press the on/off button twice and hold it close to the sensor.

Qollector keeps a list of sensors that have been proximity paired and tries to attach them when it is switched on. It will not automatically connect to a sensor that has not been proximity paired.

Up to 7 ANT+™ sensors can be paired with Qollector.

When paired with two or more of the same sensor type, the most-used sensor will be installed in the FIT file and synchronized with third party sites. The companion website, QuarqNet, offers sensor management with more options.

One-button Operation

Every action is done with a button push: Turning the device on and off, pairing with sensors, and seeing device status

Simple LED Display

There are three states for service: Green, orange and red. And two states for paired devices: Paired or not.

Haptic Technology

Qollector uses vibration for tactile feedback. This is useful when it is carried out of sight such as in a wetsuit or jersey pocket.


The case is an impact resistant polycarbonate.


Qollector is built to the IPX7 ingress protection standard. It can be carried for all three disciplines in a triathlon. It features a military-spec waterproof and corrosion proof micro-USB connector.

Battery Life

Qollector’s battery lasts for 24 hours with uploads at 1-minute intervals. Battery life may be reduced when out of cellular range.

Charging can take up to four hours with a wall charger or high power USB port, and up to eight hours on a low power USB port.

Qollector’s battery is charged using the supplied micro-USB cable and wall charger.

Mounting Options

Qollector can be mounted on the frame or seat post using the purpose-built, rubberized bike mount. The mount works on Di2 battery mounts and the top tube mounts on modern triathlon bikes. A companion aero wedge ensures a snug fit on aerodynamic tubes. You can add a seat rail clamp for under-the-saddle mounting.

There is a 1” elastic race belt with an adjustable buckle for riding and running. It includes gel holders and race number attachment.

Qollector is waterproof, so it can be held in a cyclists’ jersey or inside a triathlon race suit.

Sensor Compatibility

ANT+ Power Meter
ANT+ Heart Rate
ANT+ Gear Shifting (e.g. SRAM RED eTAP)
ANT+ Speed/Cadence
ANT+ Footpod
ANT+ Remote Control
ANT+ Muscle Oxygen

Technical Specifications - QuarqNet

QuarqNet is home to set-up and a quick start guide, activity history, syncing and sharing.


Activities can be synchronized with Dropbox, Strava, Today’s Plan and TrainingPeaks, and downloaded to a local computer.

There is an option to annotate activities before syncing with third party analysis services – to document feelings, fatigue or conditions. This requires a smartphone. The request to annotate an activity is sent in a text message when you shut off the Qollector. Annotations are made in a web browser. Once annotated, the activity will be synced. If you ignore the annotation request the activity will be synced four hours’ after shut-off.

Annotations include marking rides as a stationary trainer and private ride, and selecting your bike.  Be aware that some analysis sites cannot process all provided information.


Qollector and QuarqNet offer three real-time tracking options.

  • Share a 24-hour tracking URL with anyone.
  • Automatically notify selected parties by text message whenever you are active.  They must opt in for this service. 
  • Connect with fellow account users to share when and where you are active.

Tracking will only operate where cellular service is available. Outside this range data will be buffered and transmitted when service returns. For this reason we do not offer an SOS feature.

Download the brochure (PDF, 654KB).

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