Success is a Moving Target

A Quarq Think Piece

Top athletes know that you don’t simply achieve some level of greatness -- and stay there. Success is a moving target, not a threshold. As good as you become, there’s always something you can do to be better.

That’s why you use power meters in the first place.

‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese term that refers to continuous improvement as a way to achieve competitive success. It’s a concept that made Toyota the world’s most successful automaker.

At Quarq, we wholeheartedly embrace Kaizen. Small tweaks. Major innovations. It’s all part of our process for making the best, most accurate, most cost-effective power meters on the market today -- and then making them even better tomorrow. 

We offer foremost materials, broad compatibility and real problem solving for devoted athletes who believe there is no end to greatness.

In the past 12 months, we’ve introduced AxCad™ accelerometer cadence and 10K™ active temperature compensation. We’ve added an ANT+™ USB stick to the box, making it easier to perform advanced diagnostics and upgrade power meter firmware. Features such as AxCad are offered free of charge in new firmware versions.

In January 2015 we redesigned the power meter battery compartment. It features refined threads – making it easier to screw and unscrew – and grippier knurling. In fact, although you often can’t see them, every change to the revision code located next to the ANT+ ID represents a tweak to make a better power meter.

Quarq RIKEN AL in Cycling Plus (UK), October 2015.Meanwhile, we’re also striving to make Quarq power meters more affordable to more bicyclists. We’ve introduced the Riken AL, a power meter that offers the same great Quarq technology, but at a more competitive price point. Robin Wilmott from Cycling Plus (UK) said RIKEN AL has "Top drawer power recording and great practicality at a competitive price." Read the article. (JPEG, 1.3MB.)

If you haven’t taken a serious look at Quarq power meters lately, you owe it to yourself to explore the innovations, the improvements and the processes that helped put three world champions on the top pedestal in the last 12 months.

Photo by Balint Hamvas, Cyclephotos.