Firmware Updates


Firmware is the permanent, read-only software that controls your power meter. It is installed when the power meter is manufactured.

Firmware Updates

From time-to-time Quarq releases new firmware that enhances operation or addresses problems. Firmware in current generation power meters can be updated using Qalvin. Current generation power meters include:

- Quarq ELSA
- Quarq RIKEN
- Quarq for Cannondale
- Quarq for Specialized

No firmware updates exist for other models.

Firmware Release History

Version 23
August 13, 2014

- Activates accelerometer cadence in all power meters with an LED and CR2032 battery. Accelerometer cadence will switch on automatically when a magnet is not present.
- Table added for multipoint, active (10K) temperature compensation. Active temperature compensation is installed in the Quarq ELSA RS and SRAM XX1 power meter models.
- ANT+ messaging changes to support temperature compensation calibration. - Additional reset mode added.

Version 22
June 10, 2014

- Adjustment to sleep/inactive mode.

Version 21
April 8, 2014

- Removes the "Right Power Sensor Missing" message from Garmin head units.

Version 20
March 25, 2014

- Standby time has been significantly improved. Previous firmware versions used more battery power when inactive, resulting in unacceptable ( < 1 year ) standby time.
- Zero offset stability has been improved. Power meter zero offsets previously drifted after wake-up ( < 10 points ) due to the measurement electronics. This drift has been removed. Note: Installing this firmware will cause your zero offset to change.
- Minor tweaks in ANT messaging for better ANT+ compliance.

Release 19
April 1, 2013

- Adjustment to Power Balance.

Release 18
March 26, 2013

- Adjustment to battery level communication.

Release 16
February 8, 2013

- Reed switch angle sensing improvements.
- Adjustment to ANT+ communication timing.

Release 14
July 24, 2012

- Adjustment to cadence calculation.

Release 13
July 11, 2012

- Fix for manual calibration not persisting.
- Fix for GAM.
- Adjustment to cadence calculation.

Release 12
April 9, 2012

- Minor bug fix.

Release 11
April 7, 2012

- Improvement to battery life.

Release 10
April 3, 2012

- Firmware released.