Qalvin [kal-vin] ANT+

Firmware Update Overview (for previous generation power meters only):

One of the most utilized and important functions of Qalvin ANT+ App is firmware updating. To do a firmware update you will need to download the Qalvin desktop app from our website and have access to an ANT+ USB stick. The desktop version is only compatible with previous generation power meters. For DZero, use Qalvin BLE .

Once Qalvin has paired to your power meter you will need to select the Firmware button to determine what firmware version is currently installed. Next, by selecting the Check for Firmware button you will see the most recent firmware version. If your power meter firmware is out of date you will want to Update Firmware. Your power meter will automatically update to the most recent firmware offered. It is important to note that an active internet connection is required during this process.

For a more detailed instruction on Firmware Update, please go to

More Qalvin features:




  • Settings
    • Allows for change of certain features within the power meter
      • Toggle Autozero
      • Toggle Torque Direction
      • Toggle Cadence Direction
      • Toggle Power Balance
      • Toggle SRM PowerControl
      • Reset all


  • Slope       
    • Slope is a multiplier used to covert your pedaling force into watts. This is set at the factory and should not need to be changed on power meters with a CR2032 battery
      • Adjust Slope
      • Enter Slope
      • Calibrate Slope
      • Calibration Tables
      • Reset Slope


  • Diagnostics
    • Identifies if there are any stuck/broken strain gages or reed switches and this diagnostic can then be emailed directly to the Quarq technical support team
      • Send Diagnostics


  • Firmware   
    • Allows you to upgrade your power meter’s firmware when a new firmware is available
      • Check for Firmware
      • Request Beta Firmware
      • Update Firmware
      • Firmware Release Notes


For more detailed information please go to

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ANT+ USB stick


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