Think Pieces

Power. Passion. Precision. Knowledge. All converge when an athlete jumps aboard a bicycle. We understand this. More importantly, we feel it. Deeply. In Think Pieces, we discuss the passions and innovations that drive us every day to make Quarq the best name in bicycling.

The Heart of Your Bicycle

At Quarq, we’ve done a lot of research into the science, the physiology and the physics of motion. We put that research into every Quarq power meter we make. Our loyal longtime customers -- including three recent world champions -- know that a Quarq power meter tells you what you need to become a better athlete. Read more...

Success is a Moving Target - Kaizen

Success is a moving target, not a threshold. As good as you become, there’s always something you can do to be better. At Quarq, we wholeheartedly embrace Kaizen. Small tweaks. Major innovations. It’s all part of our process for making the best, most accurate, most cost-effective power meters on the market today -- and then making them even better tomorrow. Read more...

Photo by Balint Hamvas, Cyclephotos.