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Confidence and What to Ride Next

A common question is “How long does it take to tune my fork or shock?” Like most things with suspension tuning, the answer depends on many factors. The most important one being the number of detections ShockWiz has seen. ShockWiz relies on detecting trail obstacles in order to build a picture of how the suspension is responding. The more detections that ShockWiz sees, the better this picture will be. Depending on your riding style and the type of trail being ridden, it may take a matter of minutes or multiple rides to build this picture – so the trail type and how you ride matter more than how long you ride. Confidence and What To Ride Next look at the amount of input ShockWiz has received and offer guidance on how to increase it.

Confidence, which is displayed as a percentage, is calculated by looking at the number and spread of the current detections across all detection categories. The more detections that are seen by ShockWiz, the larger this value becomes. To ensure the tuning Suggestions can be trusted, we recommend that you do not make any changes to your suspension until a Confidence of 50% or higher is reached. For tuning procedures that require more effort, such as taking apart a shock to modify ramp, we recommend a Confidence of 80% or higher to ensure that Suggestion can be trusted.

What To Ride Next, as displayed on the Home page, tells you the type of riding you need to perform in order to increase Confidence and obtain higher quality feedback. For the quickest and highest quality results, simply follow the riding advice provided by What To Ride Next.