Firmware Updates

Firmware (FW)

Firmware is the permanent, read-only software that controls technology hardware. It is installed when the hardware is manufactured and updated to add new features or squash bugs.

Firmware Updates – DZero Power Meters

Quarq will continue to release new firmware that enhances operation or addresses problems in the current DZero power meter platform. Firmware in current generation power meters can be updated with Qalvin BLE.

Current generation power meters include:

– Quarq DZero Carbon
– Quarq DZero Aluminum
– Quarq DFour
– Quarq DFour91
– SRAM XX1 Eagle

Firmware Release Notes – DZero

Version 5
November 9, 2017

– Fixes a cadence bug that was found on some DZero models.

Version 4
May 4, 2017

– Enhances AxCad (accelerometer cadence).
– Improves compatibility with BLE cycling computers.

What’s New in Firmware Version 4

AxCad analyzes cadence data many times inside one pedal stroke. In Firmware Version 4, Quarq’s engineers have improved the sampling rate, increased resolution of the accelerometer readings and revised the algorithm that delivers cadence for a single crank revolution — the instantaneous cadence messages you see on the head unit.

Back-to-back tests comparing magnet-based cadence and AxCad show that Firmware Version 4 delivers accuracy equal to a magnet in most conditions. This includes all on-road and many off-road riding conditions. Comparison graphs can be viewed here: Stationary, Gravel, Road, Mountain.

Version 3
February 6, 2017

– Fixes an issue with abnormal cadence and power values as the result of significant side-to-side motion, most often seen while sprinting.

Version 2
December 20, 2016

– Fixes an issue with some power meters having BLE turned off. (Please see the Service Bulletin 20161215 if you are experiencing this issue)
– Fixes an issue with BLE serial numbers being displayed incorrectly.
– Fixes an issue of displaying inaccurate Low Battery warning.
– Improves the power meter waking up in colder temperatures and low battery states.

Version 1
August 31, 2016

– Initial release of the DZero Platform

Firmware on Legacy Power Meters

No new firmware will be released for previous generation power meters. However, Qalvin Legacy will remain available for use. Qalvin Legacy can only be used from desktop computers and for previous generation power meters. Previous generation power meters include:

– Quarq ELSA
– Quarq RIKEN
– Quarq for Cannondale
– Quarq for Specialized

No firmware notes exist for other or older models.

Firmware Release History

Version 24
June 17, 2015

– Minor tweaks to streamline manufacturing. No rider impact.
– Fixed bug where power meter would not sleep when lying perfectly flat and still
– Changes to ANT+™ messages. (See below.)
– The calibration message has been updated to use the format found in the most recent ANT+™ Bike Power Profile. In addition to the returned value, the power meter now sends a countdown until calibration (zeroing) is complete and a strain reading. We are not aware of any head units whose firmware has been updated to display this information.
– The crank length message has been removed. We originally understood that this message would be sent to the head unit and passed on to your chosen analysis software. This would automatically populate the crank length for quadrant analysis or other charts and calculations that use crank length. The message has since been reversed to configure power meter pedals.

Version 23
August 13, 2014

– Activates accelerometer cadence in all power meters with an LED and CR2032 battery. Accelerometer cadence will switch on automatically when a magnet is not present.
– Table added for multipoint, active (10K) temperature compensation. Active temperature compensation is installed in the Quarq ELSA RS and SRAM XX1 power meter models.
– ANT+ messaging changes to support temperature compensation calibration. – Additional reset mode added.

Version 22
June 10, 2014

– Adjustment to sleep/inactive mode.

Version 21
April 8, 2014

– Removes the “Right Power Sensor Missing” message from Garmin head units.

Version 20
March 25, 2014

– Standby time has been significantly improved. Previous firmware versions used more battery power when inactive, resulting in unacceptable ( < 1 year ) standby time.
– Zero offset stability has been improved. Power meter zero offsets previously drifted after wake-up ( < 10 points ) due to the measurement electronics. This drift has been removed. Note: Installing this firmware will cause your zero offset to change.
– Minor tweaks in ANT messaging for better ANT+ compliance.

Release 19
April 1, 2013

– Adjustment to Power Balance.

Release 18
March 26, 2013

– Adjustment to battery level communication.

Release 16
February 8, 2013

– Reed switch angle sensing improvements.
– Adjustment to ANT+ communication timing.

Release 14
July 24, 2012

– Adjustment to cadence calculation.

Release 13
July 11, 2012

– Fix for manual calibration not persisting.
– Fix for GAM.
– Adjustment to cadence calculation.

Release 12
April 9, 2012

– Minor bug fix.

Release 11
April 7, 2012

– Improvement to battery life.

Release 10
April 3, 2012

– Firmware released.