Qalvin Legacy


Indispensable for bike shops, race mechanics or anyone seeking enhanced information from their power meter. Qalvin Legacy is for previous generation power meters that have ANT+ (only).



Qalvin Legacy, available for Windows and Mac, delivers firmware updates, diagnostics, power meter zeroing and calibration for previous generation power meters that have ANT+ (and not Bluetooth low energy technology).

Features & Benefits

  • For previous generation power meters that have ANT+.  For DZero and DZero DUB, use SRAM AXS App.
  • The fastest way to confirm operation at installation time — instantly on and easy to pair.
  • Update power meter firmware (models with CR2032 batteries only)
  • Check battery voltage.
  • Set zero offsets on multiple bikes quickly and easily.
  • Run advanced diagnostics to check power meter health.
  • Change the power meter’s slope using the built-in calibration routines.

Essential Details

  • Qalvin Legacy requires an ANTUSB2 or ANTUSB-m stick. Most ANT+™ USB sticks that come with Garmin fitness watches are compatible.
  • Qalvin and the Garmin ANT Agent™ cannot use an ANT+ USB stick at the same time. Close one program to use the other.
  • Previous generation power meters include Quarq CinQo, CinQo Saturn, Saturn2 and Quattro, SRAM S975, SRAM S2275, Quarq ELSA (all models), Quarq RIKEN (all models) and SRAM RED (not DZero).

Additional information

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