Quarq ELSA RS Power Meter Chassis


Quarq ELSA RS was a bolt-on upgrade for Shimano’s 11-speed Dura-Ace 9000, Ultegra 6800 and 105 5800 group sets. It was replaced by Quarq DFour in September 2016.

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$1399 / €1199 / £1049 (+ 50 for BB30)

Features & Benefits

  • Exogram Hollow Carbon crank arms
  • Available in 162.5mm – 177.5mm lengths.
  • Power measurement in the crankset spider — the heart of your bicycle, its sole job is to convert the effort from both legs to forward motion.
  • 10K™ temperature compensation eliminates temperature effects on power measurement.
  • AxCad™ accelerometer cadence removes the need for a magnet.
  • The LED and visible ANT+™ ID streamline installation and operation.
  • OmniCal™ means you can change chainrings without affecting accuracy.
  • Power Balance™
  • CR2032 battery – 300 hours of riding time.
  • ANT+™
  • +/- 1.5% accuracy

Essential Details

  • Sold as a chassis (without chainrings).
  • Requires a compatible SRAM bottom bracket.
  • Designed for Dura-Ace® 9000 chainrings. Compatible with Ultegra® 6800 and 105® 5800 chainrings.
  • Not compatible with the Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 series chainrings.
  • Must be paired with a compatible SRAM bottom bracket.

Quarq power meters have an IPX7 waterproof rating. They feature a 2-year warranty, free firmware updates and Quarq’s acclaimed worldwide support.

Additional information

Crank Length

162.5mm, 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm

Bottom Bracket

GXP, Press Fit GXP, BB30, Press Fit 30, BBright, BB30A, PF30A


616g (172.5mm, GXP)

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