Quarq PowerTap P2 Pedals

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The Quarq PowerTap P2 Pedals provide a power option that is easy to install and switch between bikes while holding true to the accuracy and durability that is synonymous with the Quarq power meter line. The simple “plug-and-play” design makes upgrading to power as simple as swapping out your pedals.


  • Sleeker, lighter design that the previous generation with 20% more battery life
  • Lightweight, adding only 398 grams to your ride
  • Lower claw height with increased shoe-to-cleat compatibility
  • Dual-sided measurement with Advanced Pedal Metrics gives you accurate power output measurements for both legs, allowing you to make adjustments to prevent burnout and improve leg strength
  • Easy to install; swap between bikes with minimal effort
  • Longer battery life, lasting up to 80 hours
  • AXS App integration with product setup, firmware updates and power data, bringing PowerTap into the Quarq family


Quarq PowerTap P2 Pedals blend the innovative pedal design with Quarq technology. By measuring both right and left sides, you get highly accurate power readings that help you make new gains.

Build Speed & Endurance

Dual-sided measurement provides Advanced Pedal metrics, measuring power output for both legs & allowing you to make adjustments that prevent fatigue and let you ride harder & farther

Pedal Power

Easy to install & switch between bikes. The P2 Pedals provide measurements from both the left and right side, giving you 1.5% accuracy

A Companion Digital Wrench

With the SRAM AXS app you can easily update firmware & check battery voltage


The sleek, lightweight design adds less than 400 grams

Increased Compatibility

A lower claw height provides increased shoe-to-cleat compatibility

Acclaimed Customer Support

All PowerTap products come with the same 2-year warranty, free firmware updates, & acclaimed worldwide support that Quarq is known for

purchase P2 Pedals now

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