Qalvin is Quarq’s app for power meter zeroing, diagnostics, firmware upgrades and calibration.

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For bike shops: Qalvin is the fastest way to confirm operation at installation time. Instantly on and easy to pair – you can search for and select a power meter or key in the ANT+™ ID. Set the zero offset. View power, cadence and crankset revolutions.

For coaches and mechanics: Qalvin is a digital wrench set. Check battery voltage. See the last zero offset. Set zero offsets on multiple bikes quickly and easily.

For support: Qalvin keeps you up-to-date and informed. Install power meter firmware. Run advanced diagnostics to check power meter health. Change the power meter’s slope using the built-in calibration routines.


Qalvin is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. We originally developed Qalvin so first- and second-generation power meters could be calibrated in the field. OmniCal™ removes the need for recalibration, but Qalvin remains indispensable for shops, mechanics, teams and athletes, and anyone seeking enhanced information on their power meter.

1. You require a Wahoo Key to operate Qalvin. This is an ANT+™ transceiver that plugs into an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. On Apple’s latest devices – those with a Lightning connector – you must use a 30-pin to Lightning adapter with the Wahoo Key.

2. First and second generation power meters include the CinQo, CinQo Saturn, Saturn2, S975 and S2275.

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