Qalvin BLE


The electronic workhorse of Quarq’s power meter technology, the Qalvin app can now do its job from any Bluetooth-equipped tablet or smartphone - no additional hardware required. Qalvin delivers firmware updates, diagnostics, power meter zeroing and calibration, and is equally useful for bike shops, race teams and riders.

These apps are only compatible with the DZero (BLE enabled) platform of power meters. Previous generation power meters require the desktop Qalvin version (ANT+ only).

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The fastest way to confirm operation at installation time - instantly on and easy to pair.
Install power meter firmware.
Check battery voltage.
Set zero offsets on multiple bikes quickly and easily.
Run advanced diagnostics to check power meter health.
Change the power meter’s slope using the built-in calibration routines.


Indispensable for bike shops, race mechanics or anyone seeking enhanced information from their power meter.
Available for iOS and Android.
OmniCal removes the need for recalibration, but it remains in Qalvin for advanced users.
Qalvin BLE is built for the DZero platform; the previous version of Qalvin remains available on desktop only for legacy SRAM and Quarq power meters.

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