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Tuning Styles Explained

There is a lot of variance in how people like to ride and the different styles of bikes for different terrain and disciplines. The Tuning Styles within the ShockWiz algorithms try to account for these variances.

Some people like to use every last millimeter of travel, while others like to have a large travel buffer in reserve for any unforeseen obstacles. Additionally some riders like to have the bike be lively underneath them and be able to ‘pop’ off small mounds and kickers, where others like the wheels to be very planted to the ground and controlled.

There are quite a few things that change between Tuning Styles, but the following descriptions give an overview of the main differences.

Efficient – Focused purely on pedaling efficiency. Efficient will keep you higher in your travel and minimize pedal-induced suspension bob. Efficient produces the firmest suspension tune.

Balanced – The middle ground that provides an overall compromise between traction, suppleness and pedaling efficiency. Balanced serves as the default ShockWiz Tuning Style.

Playful – Similar to Balanced but with a more lively feel to give the bike ‘pop’.

Aggressive – Focused on a supple and active ride, caring very little about pedal-induced suspension bob. Aggressive makes sure you use all of your travel and produces the softest suspension tune.

You can always pick and choose what you like from each Tuning Style. Eg: Tune the Baseline pressure and ramp from one Tuning Style and then switch Tuning Styles to tune the dampers.

Tuning Style is independent of the length of travel of the suspension, for example, there is no requirement for all 8” bikes to be in Aggressive.

The table below gives a general summary of the different Tuning Styles.

Efficient Balanced Playful Aggressive
Travel use Limited Most Most All
Liveliness Controlled Controlled Poppy Poppy
Compression speeds Low Medium Medium High

As a very rough guide, the following table shows the expected break down of the percentages of riders who will use each mode in a given discipline.

Efficient Balanced Playful Aggressive
XC-Marathon 50 40 10 0
XC-Olympic 40 40 15 5
Enduro 10 40 40 10
Downhill 5 20 35 40